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Lauder Common Riding Patrons' Society


Lauder Common Riding costs over £12,000 to stage each year.  We are fortunate to receive a grant of £3,300 from Scottish Borders Council, but the remainder of the money required is raised through donations and events held in the community. 


The Patrons' Society plays a huge part in supporting the Common Riding each year, and we are very grateful indeed to all our members for their continued support.


Becoming a Patron is easy.  To join, simply set up a standing order to:



Bank Sort Code 80-17-91

Account number 06000455

Min £15 per annum (per Patron)


And send an email confirming name(s), address, amount of donation and date of payment to: 


Patrons badge(s) will be delivered to your address once details are confirmed.



Mr A & Mrs L Alexander

Ms. E. Baxter

J Baxter

Caroline Bell

Mrs E.J. Bell

Sandie Boa

Mr & Mrs E Brandeschi

Mrs Gill Brooks

Mr & Mrs G. Brotherston

Ex-Cornet I. & Mrs C Brotherston

Murray Bruce

Mrs Wendy Bryson

K Clark

A & Mrs G Colquhoun

R & Mrs H Connell

Ms Shiona Connell

Mr J. B. Cowan

M. Czajka

Mr S. & Mrs M. Cranston

E. Dalgliesh

Ex-Cornet Iain Dick

Mrs M. Dick

Ex-Cornet S.M. & Mrs M. Dick

Mr W.M.C. Dick

Mr G. M. Dick

Miss Morven Dick

Mrs A.M. Doig

Mr D. & Mrs V. Duncan

Mrs V.M. Duncan

Mrs K. Etchells

Ex-Cornet J Fairbairn

Mr & Mrs K. Fairbairn

Mr R. Fairbairn

Ex-Cornet T.I.M. Fallas

Mrs M.J. Fallas

William Farnsworth

Ruby Sky Forrester

Mr & Mrs E. Forsyth

Mrs Sandra Fullerton

Miss J. Furness

Mrs M. Gibson

Mr R. Gilder

P. Gilhooly

J & Mrs C Gillespie

Mr A. & Mrs H. Gryczka

Mrs M. Gryczka

Ex-Cornet S. Gryczka

Mr & Mrs Stephen Gryczka

Baz & Sylvia Hales

Ms Laura Halliday

Douglas Heatlie

Allan J Hardie

Ms Nancy Hardie

David & Mrs Linda Henry

Mrs Caroline Hughes

Mrs Shona Jardine

Mrs Sandra Jeffs

Mr G. Johnstone

Ms G. Johnstone

Miss D. Kellett

Mrs M. Kellett

Miss A. Ker

Ex-Cornet G. & Mrs L. Ker

Ex-Cornet R. & Mrs J. Ker

Ms Tracey Kerr

Ms J. Kershaw

Mrs J. Laidlaw

Mr K. Laidlaw

Mr Suzanne Lakie

Mrs J. Landells

Ms M. Landells

Ms R. Landells

Ms S. Landells

Earl of Lauderdale

Ms. C. Mackie

Mr D.Macrae

E & Mrs S Maitland-Carew

Mrs R Maitland-Carew

Ms Flora Marshall

Ms Mary McCallum

Ms Christine E McGee

Ex -Cornet C.G.A. McHutchon

Ms J. McHutchon

Ms Audrey McIntosh

W & Mrs C McKendrick

Ms A. McLaren

Ex-Cornet Cameron McNeill

Emma McNeill

Ex-Cornet J.C. McNeill

Mrs J. McNeill

D McPherson

Mrs M McPherson

Mr & Mrs Malcolm McVittie

Ex-Cornet G.D.R. & Mrs F. Megahy

Neil & Mrs Lorna Menzies

Mr G. & Mrs M. Megahy

Ex-Cornet D.T. & Mrs M.D. Middlemiss

Miss H. Middlemiss

Ex Cornet I & Mrs B Middlemiss

Ex-Cornet J.A. Middlemiss

Ex-Cornet M. Middlemiss

Ms Ray Middlemiss

R. Middlemiss

T. Middlemiss

Ex-Cornet W. & Mrs E. Middlemiss

Mr D. & Mrs G. Millar

Ex-Cornet S.R. Murray

Mrs R Neil

Ms H. Newlands

Andrew Nimmo

Ms Amanda Ogilvie

Ms. L. A. Oliver

Mr N.B. Oliver

Mike O'Niell & Jane O'Neill

Mrs Anne Payne

F Pearson

Ms Anne Phillips

Ms Rodelle Purvis

G & Mrs C Riddell

Mrs E. Robertson

Mrs S. Russell

Ex Cornet Greg Scott

C Schofield

Ex-Cornet I.H.W.G. Scott

Mr & Mrs Mike Scott

Mr & Mrs J Shields

Mr Jamie Simpson

Mrs Mary Sked

Ms Kirsty Smith

M & Mrs D Smith

Mr & Mrs Colin Steele

Mr I. & Mrs E. Stevenson

Ex Cornet A & Mrs A Strangeways

Innes Strangeways

John Strangewys

Lewis Strangeways

Mr N. Strangeways

Mr N. Syme

Mrs K. Symons

Ex Cornet DS & Mrs J Waldie

W & Mrs I Walker

Alan & Mrs Katie Watson

Mr W & Mrs J. Watson

Mrs Audrey Webster

Mr & Mrs B. Whellans

Mr M. Whellans

Ex-Cornet D. N. White

Mr I. & Mrs M. White

Mr I & Mrs K Whittaker

Mrs Linda Williamson

Miss C. Wilson

Mr J. M. Wilson

Ms L. Wilson

Miss Louise Wilson

Ex-Cornet R. J. & Mrs L. Wilson

Mr R.J. Wilson Jnr

Stuart T & Mrs Frances Wilson

Ms Laura Wood

Mr I. Young

Mrs H Young

Mrs I. Young

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